About Shield International
Our Philosophy

Making the right choice in protective clothing is not only an issue of protection. It also represents a major financial investment. Mistakes in this can cost dearly. At Shield, we understand your needs and concerns. We don't just sell clothing, we solve problems. Shield was set up to tackle the often conflicting needs of production performance, deadlines and value for money. We have years of experience in the protective clothing industry and all our expertise is put at your disposal. In an era where every dollar counts you can be sure that Shield offers the best protection for you staff and your investment. This is our promise to you: You can depend on Shield!

Shield Quality
We Settle For Nothing Less Than The Best

When you purchase protective clothing from Shield International, you can be sure that you are getting the finest quality backed by a wide range of internationally recognized quality standards. We insist that only the best materials and components are used in our garments. All of our suppliers have to conform to strict quality standards.

consistent and reliable protective clothing coverall
Improving product quality is a continuous process.

As part of our commitment, we insist on conducting very strict evaluation procedures throughout our product development, manufacturing, quality and documentation processes. The standards we use are rigorous and inflexible. We also conduct follow-up inspections on a regular basis.

The benefit to you is consistency and reliability in every piece of protective clothing we make. Every one of our garments adheres to painstaking standards of quality. That’s why you can depend on Shield.

Getting To The Point Stitch-by-Stitch

Take any garment produced by Shield and look at it really closely. Very often it's what you can't see that makes a big difference to your comfort and safety. A point-in-case is the stitching on our coveralls.

optimum seaming and stitching techniques protective clothing coverall

The types of seams and stitches used to assemble a garment influence its durability, cost, comfort and appearance as well as its ability to be repaired or altered. When you take into account the hundreds of seam and stitch types available and the thousands of possible combinations, you can see that careful selection is required to choose exactly the right kind of stitch or seam for the right task.

No single seam assembly is right for every application in a garment. At Shield, we make sure that only the optimum seaming and stitching techniques are used when making our coveralls. Everything from reinforcing points to the best thread sizes for particular applications is taken into account in the construction of our garments. The result is truly hard wearing, long lasting protective clothing.