Aramid IIIA
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Aramid IIIA fabric is a synthetic fabric which is an internationally recognized, time-tested and trusted workhorse fabric for thermal protection. This fabric is inherently flame resistant and contains self-extinguishing meta-aramid properties. Although low in weight Aramid has high tensile strength and is unaffected by most acids.

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Features and Applications

Aramid IIIA is an inherent Flame retardant fabric. The fabric is a blend of 93% meta-aramid, 5% para-aramid and 2% antistatic fibres. It is extremely durable as well as comfortable to wear due to its light wear and excellent wicking properties.


Petrochemicals, Utilities, Military applications, Auto racing, volunteer and professional fire fighters. Aramid IIIA is offered in woven, knit, and fleece fabrications.

Not Recommended For

Use around any molten substance, welding operations, or in a critical static control application.

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Flame Resistance

Aramid IIIA is inherently flame resistant and this property cannot be degraded by laundering.

Effect of Acids and Alkalis

Aramid IIIA is unaffected by most acids, except for some strength loss after long exposure to hydrochloric, citric and sulfuric acid. It has generally good resistance to alkalis.

Effect of Bleaches and Solvents

The fibre is unaffected by most bleaches and solvents, except for slight strength loss from exposure to sodium hypochlorite bleach. However, the fabric does not provide personal chemical protection to the wearers. Where chemical exposure is a hazard, appropriate specialized barrier garments, should be selected.

Effect of Mildew, Aging, Sunlight and Abrasion

Aramid IIIA has excellent resistance to mildew aging and abrasion. Naturally (undyed) the fabric is not white and will yellow with exposure to sunlight. Accordingly, some lighter dyed shades will discolour rapidly. These lighter shades are available in solution dyed form.

Thermal Stability

Aramid IIIA has good thermal stability and does not melt. The fibre decomposes between 700 - 800F. It is inappropriate and not recommended for use around any molten substances or welding operations. Hot molten contact will stick to the fibre, forming holes.


For best colour retention, laundry processing should be carried out at 140 F or less in buffered, non-ionic detergents. However, higher temperature / harsher detergent laundering will only affect the colour but not the performance of the fabric. Aramid IIIA garments may be dry cleaned in either perchloroethylene or petroleum solvents. They may be conditioned or tunnel finished at up to 280F fabric temperature.

Garment Cost

Garments of Aramid IIIA cost about five times as much as conventional 65% polyester / 35% cotton and about 2 times more than treated FR cotton.

Garment Life

Under normal wear conditions as long as 3 - 5 years or 2 - 3 times the life of conventional 65% polyester / 35% cotton and 3 - 5 times the life of FR cotton. Aramid IIIA is extremely durable and can be expected to perform well for many years in applications when longevity can be utilized.